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I blog to keep memories, and sometimes, to stay in touch. (I just don't feel like keeping in touch with many folks, is all). I like taking my time, and saying what needs saying. I like being able to take as many words as I need to take to say something, because taking the time means I am saying something that's important to me.

Which brings us to the fact that Twitter and Facebook are ruining conventional blogging forever.

Most people don't blog anymore. I look at the profiles of my f-list and I see that most of them haven't blogged this year, though it's more than half-over. Or is it just really that people have moved on to other, currently cooler, blogging sites? I liked the feeling that I was part of a community that had this revolving door, no pressures on membership, make your presence felt - or not, where you could just drop in anytime and see how everyone else was doing. Now I look at my Twitter feed and at any given time I can have as many as 300 tweets from the less-than-twenty-five people I follow, and don't even get me started on Facebook. Instead of making me feel more connected, though, it makes me want to scream for all the disjointedness and lack of context. I would rather know that you have the dimsum every Friday evening because it reminds you of that time back in college when you couldn't afford anything better but the food was ambrosial because the company was the best you can ever remember having, than see a menu of all the things you had for lunch today, and all the other days this month or on a random day last year. I hate it that I now see more pictures of people than during the advent of camera phones and that I know more about the little details of so many people's lives, and understand even less than I used to about what makes them happy, what drives them over the edge, what they would fight tooth and nail for, what makes them tick. Who are you, you awfully familiar strangers?


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