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Question: What's better than guys in anime?
Answer: Guys in anime with glasses.

I recently joined this LJ community called the
[info][profile] glasses_bishies.

Man, I so lurv, LURV them.  They're an online community dedicated to giving recognition to those guys who make our hearts go pit-a-pat with those shiny megane.  They have monthly polls where you get to vote for 3 of your favorite bishounen (bishies for short) in glasses.  So far my favorites who have won are Ishida Uryuu (Go, Burichi!) and this month's winner, Souma Hatori (from Fruits Basket, very short anime project but WAAY long manga series).

So, here's the deal: if you have ever secretly fantasized about marrying (sleeping with, having the children of, cooking dinner everyday for, having a fling with, doing tonsil hockey with, or any combination thereof) a megane bishie, please let the rest of the world know about this anime hottie of yours.  Go to the website and vote for your favorites.  Just remember to follow the voting rules, and add your bishie if by some rare accident he isn't there yet.

My favorite picks are:

Cho Hakkai (well, duh)

Yuki Eiri (Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!)

Ishida Uryuu (you can fit me for my clothes ANYTIME)

Tezuka Kunimitsu (Inui: Tezuka, your expression is too cold.                 -That's right, if you can't find anything wrong with his tennis, pick nits) 

Souma Hatori (the only thing bad about being sick when he's your doctor is that you probably look like hell while he's holding your hand and checking your pulse)

Ishida Ryuuken (at least you know Uryuu will still remain handsome after growing up some, but his grandfather Sokken - well, if you're a cool Quincy, it probably doesn't matter)

Genjo Sanzo (I love a man who can wield a fan with such ... manliness)

Sadly, there's only room for three every vote, but that's okay. Each one will sit out some of the polls like a good little boy.




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