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In my heart I am neighbors with Wanda, Hazel and Foxglove, who have conversations about Sherlock's bloodhounds and the basics of milking a soybean.

Yesterday I did not only get a portion of the promised sinigang, but also to meet a couple of love in megane's cousins who were vacationing from New York.  When we went out, I inadvertently ordered him to look for the divine crepe store I like in the wrong mall.  Of course, he being the sweet guy he is, said nothing and I only realized that we had those crepes in TriNoMa - and not in MoA (Mall of Asia) where we were - after I was digging into the mango-blueberry-ice cream filling of the crepe he .  You just gotta love the guy.

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Pithy as possible because I need my z's.

So, Sunday.  Ran-walked (well, mostly walked) 3 kilometers with my work buddies at the Fort.  Walked quite a bit going home, and this is what I have to say for the experience: with your headphones on, it is quite possible to feel that the world belongs to you, or that it has shrunk to just yourself and the bit of road your feet are planted on.  Took a snapshot of an extraordinary piece of graffiti in an old lot that probably used to house a storefront.

Got home and love in megane appeared to smooth my ruffled feathers and take away some of my cranky.  Did a very good job of it.

Still want to play some more Hunger Games: Training Days.
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Should there be an entity that regulates how much fan fiction we read in a day?  And if there were, how and where should they draw the lines?  Word count (would they consider or subtract the names of special moves, fabled weapons or artifacts, song lyrics, spells, or words in foreign languages)? Fandom (what would be the rule on crossovers, and what about fandoms with two hundred fan fiction stories as opposed to those with 18,826, which is the current number of stories archived for Prince of Tennis on ff.net)? Genre (and if so, don't you think that the entity should also police the newspapers since, in spite of the supposed factual nature of newspaper accounts, there TOTALLY is fan fiction there? Adult content rating (which classification system would we follow - book, video game, film)?  Or would there be instead a nice, round number, such as, say, PI?

Um, so, yeah.  Pardon me, I've been reading too much RPS again.

In other news, I was going to spend today, my last day of freedom before the first working week of the new year, in the company of love in megane.  Only he's so busy with family stuff that I'll only see him in the afternoon.  If I'm lucky.  I'm not jealous of my significant other's family. 

Well, not much.  Maybe eighty percent.


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