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Dear Konomi-sensei,

You are undoubtedly the best mangaka ever, bar none.  If you say one thing, then it must be true.  But I see what you did there with Inui and Yanagi, and also with Kaidoh and Momoshiro, so even if I do not question your infinite wisdom (and crack), I must ask you: Please do not be breaking apart my OTPs.

Your fan,
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Yeah, back home, where my heart is.  Been back for a few weeks, and sometimes it feels like I never left.  The biggest difference is that I'm now in a classroom all the time and I know that isn't going to change for a good long while. 

I've been working really hard and it's great, but times come when I do wish work didn't have to be everything. 

Thank goodness for crack and for InuKai.  I actually feel that I want to re-watch all PoT episodes and even try my hand at watching the Chinese take on Tenipuri, how ambitious is that?  I dunno where to start, tho. *smacks head*  What would Inui think of my pitiful data skills?

Oh, and yes, Lyra Belacqua.
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I was invited to go join [livejournal.com profile] coffeebased  and her cousins at the SMX for the Shizen Orchestra con last Saturday.  Since we're nearing the end of the month, there are about twenty million things that need doing at the office.  On the one hand, you have work, my pride and the source of my livelihood, and on the other you have Hope and Lian and Ina ( including, I discovered later, the charming Nadine and their pretty and refined Tita Cathy;  I also got to see [livejournal.com profile] limextreme  and JM, and I also met JM's Ron for the first time), plus a few LJ people.     Being the mistress of prioritizing that I am, I of course stayed at work for the usual twelve hours before taking myself off to the MoA area.  (The work didn't get finished - sometimes I think it never will - but I can kill myself getting it done later this week.)

On the cosplayers who were there:  Hard Gay had nice legs, and Hard Geisha was too disturbing for words.  We had some great characters show up, but not many that I recognized. Sailor V was there, and a guy who wore an Urahara hat. (where, o where shall I find a Kaidoh-bandanna? *insert wailing here*)  There was someone else wearing a Seigaku jacket, but like me, I don't think he'd meant to cosplay anybody. And no, Ina, Lian, and Nadine were not cosplaying for some obscure fandom.  Especially Nadine.  Should anyone inquire.

One reason I have found to appreciate the cons: DVDs.  Painless way to snag good copies of series you wanna watch.  I kinda suck at it now, since I do want to watch but dunno where to start, and I'm too busy to work the downloading into my schedule.  But I figure the Avatar, Bleach, and Gravitation should help - I haven't seen Gravitation in eons, it feels like.  I have the official Gravitation release which had subtitling made of equal parts Chinese and abomination.  Very pretty container, but only helpful should I finally learn me some decent Japanese.

As far as the merchandise went, it wasn't too bad.  Aside from the DVDs, there were neat things too.  Mostly to do with hats and hat accessories, and teeny-tiny things for the discerning fangirl.  I got a pair of bear earmuffs, and a pin which says "Anime: Drugs would be cheaper."  Incidentally, Hope got me a pin with the Hitsugaya's picture, the one on my icon, that says "Shotacon: The reason he's the most popular character in Bleach," which killed me to no end.  Next con I shall be getting myself a hat.  And definitely more DVDs, as soon as I figure out which ones I want to melt my brain over.

But what takes the cake was the maid and butler cafe.  And there hadn't even been any cake.  Nikki-chan was the awesomest maid (*pats Nikki-chan's head*) and Gyo-chan rocked!! ^____^  They were such fun, and the 45 minutes spent there were the absolute best.  I have absolutely no idea how maid/butler cafes are supposed to work, but the service there was excellent, and I would totally understand why they're such a big deal if what we saw was at least a fair imitation.  What I adored about the whole thing was how there was so much care and thought involved, and how beautifully it turned out because you know that these people you're talking to are fellow enthusiasts, amateurs in the original sense of the word.  By the way, did you know that the word amateur originally came from French and Latin words meaning lover and  to love, respectively?  Inui is leaving the building now, kthnxbye.

When the crowds became too much for us (and the trauma of repeatedly losing her cousins in the crowd became too much for Hope), we went out and sat down outside the doors.  I took this as a fortuitous time to write a letter to Hope's okaasa.  Unfortunately, I belatedly recognize that all the brow-furrowing and staring off into the distance that I did, thinking of things to tell her, made me look like some sad emo person.   ( I had approximately two hours left at this time before Des was scheduled to pick up the lot and shuttle them to a padasal, which is, for Foreigners, non-Catholics, and you Young'Uns, a period of nine days when the family of a recently deceased person come together every day to pray for the soul of their loved one.)  But I really hadn't seen Des in literally, forever, and I miss her like you wouldn't believe.  Which is why I looked like some depressed zombie when [livejournal.com profile] moehoshi and her sis turned up for the con.  I'm SORRY, Moe-chan!  My brain was pretty much fried at the time, having been awake for eighteen hours on little food and lots of worry.  I hope that seeing DenKen made up for my spazzzzzzzz.  *hugs you*  I couldn't even introduce you to everyone because at that point I had trouble remembering my own name, never mind half of theirs.

When I was starting to think that a photo of my letter to Des should be pasted beside the word 'illegible' in the dictionary, we went looking for the Starbucks where Hope's mom would be picking us up.  At last, a blessed table and a frappe!  I went back to writing with gusto, and the kiddies were like, Hakkai, what're you doing? to which I replied that I was writing a letter to their aunt.  I got a second goggling-over, and I had to explain that I was friends with their auntie before I was friends with their cousin, to which they said, "But how old is Tita (Des)?" and "She's old, isn't she?"

Oh, child-RRAAAAN.  *sobs quietly in a corner* 

It will probably take a decade, on the inside, for them to realize that their aunt is a severely cool person to hang with.

Anyhoo, the day ended with me getting to see Des for like five minutes.  Am now officially back to missing her.  And [livejournal.com profile] limextreme is made of equal parts of coolness and style, because he stayed with me until I found a cab to take me home (never mind that I'm older and putatively have my shite together).

On a side note:  My boss just sent me a message about courage.  It actually made me a bit... apprehensive about going to work.  Was it her way of telling me that there's something I need courage for when I go back to work tonight?  LOL.

Ii data.

Apr. 21st, 2009 08:43 am
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(In which Hakkai watches some more BL anime, enjoys the rain outside her window, and learns how to figure out her phone bill, among other things)
Minna-san! This is me trying to post from my phone. Kira-kira confetti to mini Opera which makes this possible!
So, okay, earlier this afternoon I called up customer service to get the lowdown on how exactly it is they charge me for my phone use. I have discovered that a) it is always important to read the fine print, only sometimes it's not available anywhere so you have to call people up, and b) I have lots of service resources that I am paying for but not using. (Gods, I can almost see Inui peeking at my data over my shoulder.) But this is only my second invoice anyway, and the first complete bill. Right now I am preoccupied with thinking how much additional browsing time and text messaging that translates to and how excellent that is for someone who doesn't get to go online as often as she would like. You'll just have to forgive me for the formatting, minna.
Junjou Romantica is a (compound) word that means eye candy and flail and rabu-rabu. I do feel a little shortchanged though, since I would like some more Egoist and Terrorist action. But it did say Romantica, not either of the two above, so it looks like if I wants more Hiro/Nowaki and Miyagi/Shinobu I will have to do some manga reading.
And Prince of Tennis! I know, I know, I'm made of several kinds of lame for not having finished the series before this weekend, but honestly, a lot of people have been into it way longer than I have, and while it's great that I can rush headlong into it without the serialized agony that comes with being up-to-date, I also want to savor it. Time will tell if I came upon PoT during its twilit moments, but no matter how seriously behind I am on much of the canon and fandom stuff, I'll take it as slow as my pitiful excuse for an EQ will allow me and relish the experience. Maybe in a month's time I'll graduate to DramaPuri. Maybe. For now I'll wrap my arms around InuKai love and bury myself in it like the especially-WAFFy blanket that it is.
For those of you who have been requesting some rain as a respite from the unrelenting heat of days past, isn't it phenomenal that you'd get your wish two days in a row? I don't have clear windows so I can't watch it, but I do love listening to the rain pattering outside, and it's almost as cool as if it were January. It's like an Indian summer, only in reverse.
Ok, Hakkai is starting to lose her words so I think this would be a good place to stop. I'm going to keep exploring this totally portable way to keep in touch with the digital world, and hopefully it'll be made of as much brilliant, awesome, and indestructible win as I'm hoping. Oyasumi nasai!
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Please please may I has some InuKai in Kaidoh's POV for Christmas?

I know it's hard, because Momoshiro talks enough for three people, and that's why Kaidoh and Echizen are eternally in a contest to see who can speak less, and Konomi-sensei set down the rule somewhere that Kaidoh has to use at least fifty "fshuuu"s a day in lieu of normal people conversation, but. PLEASE. Inui is also partly responsible for Kaidoh being quiet because. He STEALS all the lines! *whaps Inui a sharp one in the back of the head then rubs it away absently* I can do data-talk backwards in my sleep because Inui RA~AMBLES and I have umpteen billion samples of it. Look, I can even make up some on my own (with a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] sixthwinemaiden):

According to my calculations, Kaidoh is feeling cooped up and bored with his surroundings. The decor in his room leaves much to be desired. His recovery is coming along at a good rate; however this can be compromised by any depression resulting from his lackluster environment. From my readings it seems that color therapy would be the best thing to complement whatever treatments are being prescribed by his doctor. Factoring in dietary considerations, it is best if I bring Kaidoh some oranges, as the color will no doubt brighten up his room and augment whatever nutrients he is receiving from hospital food. The taste will also be a welcome change, from what I remember of the fare served to patients.

Also, because I understand that Kaidoh needs more press, I has even claimed him at [livejournal.com profile] claim_a_waifu to let the whole world know that he is loved!

I have been very, very good this year. You can tell because annoying stalker cable guy is still (presumably) alive and still has a job (presumably, always assuming his stalkerish ways and unforgivable sloppiness at work haven't gotten him fired yet). If his head is no longer attached to the rest of him, it has nothing to do with me or anything I (consciously) did, I swear!

So please, please, can you make it InuKai written in Kaidoh's POV? And some world peace. Thank you so much and bye.

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 [profile] sixthwinemaiden and I plan to reprise our squeeing session of a coupla weeks back, which got off to a famous start with a showing of The Dark Knight.  Any and all PoT fangirls/boys, plus those who feel so inclined, are invited.  It is to be held on the Monday, (which is a holiday as I'm sure all students must know), in TriNoma, meeting place at the North Avenue station (MRT station closest to the venue) at threeish in the afternoon.   Vier-san and Co., feel like meeting up?   Is a good time to case the joint, so to speak, in preparation for the shipper convocation.  Please y!m for details.  I'm not sure I shall be able to go online from tonight until Monday.  Or you can get in touch with Mana-chan, aka [profile] sixthwinemaiden.  We'd love to have you, and we don't bite.  Unless of course you bite first, in which case all bets are off.

Speaking of the fangirling convention, I unearthed this from my pitiful collection of songs.  Submitted for approval as the theme song for said convention: one White Flag, by singer Dido.  It is rather appropriate for any diehard shipper/s out there, and I'm sure many of you can relate to the sentiments expressed.  Chorus below:

I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love with InuKai, and always will be
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The Ten Anime Bishies Who I will not Kick out of My Bed
(In no Particular Order):

1.  Cho Hakkai from Gensomaden Saiyuki
Yes, I really like him.  Obviously. Sometimes, though, I wonder.  Won't that be like making love to yourself?

Ok, scratch that. I am now officially made of 78646876 kinds of love.  Hakkai, pull back the sheets and join me!

2.  Genjo Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki
I am goggle-eyed.  Seriously, what's not to like?    The blond hair!  The charisma!  The leather!  The megane (for reading only, alas)!  The fan!  The surly!  The teeny-tiny gun (=size issues)!

3. Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis
O Captain, my Captain!

Sadly, I think he isn't the type to agree to having so many in one bed, no matter how huge it is.  I didn't mean that the way it came out.

4. Kei Kusanagi from Onegai, Teacher
Wallflower, if something like that is even remotely appropriate to describe a boy with.  The kind that few would notice, but none would not love if they did.

5. Souma Hatori from Fruits Basket
Self-contained and sad.  Plus reliable.  I could be the plum in his onigiri anytime.  Yum.

6. Inui Sadaharu from Prince of Tennis
Pi is the sexiest number.  Must-listen: Seven minutes of Sadaharu (yes, I said Sadaharu, but that's Inui-senpai to YOU, jealous fangirl) reciting the digits of Pi. 

  Go ahead and do the clickety-click thing, and I dare you to keep yourself from crossing your legs the entire time.  I listened to it, and used data from this link ('Haru-chan would so totally lurv me, I'm sure of it) and found out that Inui doesn't read just a few digits and loop it.  I kid you not. I got up to five hundred digits after the decimal point before I lost count.  But then again I was supposed to be doing some work, so that may have had something to do with it.  I'll try it again sometime when there are no distractions, like life, getting in the way.

Pi Day is March 14, 3/14.  White Day is March 14, 3/14.  Is it just me, or is that totally screaming out for a (RenInuKai/InuKai) fanfic? (=_= I is fanfic-obsessed. *sobs*)

7. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist
    I don't know how he is in the manga, but he definitely made me swoon in the anime.  Love the philosophical dilemmas.  Hagane no Chibisuke, I mean, Renkinjutsushi!

8. Yuki Eiri from Gravitation
    Why does aloof always do it for women?  He wears glasses, too!

Aack! But no, in megane must our gorgeous Yuki be!  And dammit, sunglasses don't count! *beats fists against wall in frustration*

9. Nakano Hiroshi from Gravitation
    I always have a soft spot for them quite unassuming supportive types.  *breaks down* Ok, ok, I admit, it was the Pocky!

10. Haruka Tenou from Sailormoon
    You do remember the treatment of the Bishoujo Senshi-tachi no show in the Philippines was, in a word, ambiguous, right? Deliberately ambiguous.  But one can't be perfect, and it's quite possible to do something right, if only inadvertently.  So when they forgot to remove incriminating evidence of Haruka's true gender (Like, what gave it away? Gasp! Couldit've bin the skirt? No way!!) and her persuasion (You can't really take out Michiru from the series, because there are like, nine planets, man), the parts that they meant to be ambiguous become downright confusing.  Just like the last sentence.  (You may read it again if you wish.)  An old friend once said something that about summed it up:

    Anak: Mommy, mommy, bakit girlfriend ni Haruka si Michiru? (Mommy, why does Haruka have a girlfriend (Michiru)?)
    Mommy: Kasi, anak, lalaki si Haruka. (Honey, it's because Haruka is a man.)
    Anak: Ha? E mommy, bakit nakapalda si Haruka? (Huh? Then mommy, why does Haruka wear a skirt?)
    Mommy: Kasi, anak, babae si Haruka. (Because Haruka is a woman, honey.)
    Anak: Ha??!?

    Anyhow, the Haruka's animus can beat up the Mamorou's appeal and have it for breakfast at six on the dot, any day of the week.  I don't care if she's a girl. (Don't let's tell my Ian, okay?  Red looks better on him than pale, but I'd rather the color is on some fetching shirt and not his face.   Haruka below with Michiru:

Wow, oh yeah.  I forgot.  My fiance trumps all F-Locking on posts without breaking a sweat: He has my LJ password.)

Okay, I know my homework said ten, but I can't do *just* ten!  Teachers like a little extra initiative from their students, ne, Rei-sensei?

11. Momoshiro Takeshi from Prince of Tennis
I can't explain it.  I just really love him!!!! It makes me feel sad that fanfic writers usually portray him as an airhead.  But he's not, he's my Momo-chan! They should watch the Nationals and see how kuwaii he gets when he becomes "self-actualized."

P.S. WTF? There's no decent image of Momo-chan ANYWHERE!!!

12. Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender
I know what the title said, but he counts if I say so, and never mind that he isn't the main protagonist.  I have a propensity to glomp people who can't bear to admit they have a softer side, and do all sorts of wrong things for the right reasons.  An excellent example of the conflicted soul.

13. Ishida Uryuu from Bleach
Geek Factor: check.  Megane: check.  Attitude: check.  Ability to cause Stars-in-Eyes Syndrome: check, check, check.  Ah, Bleach.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Uryuu unzips his shirt in Episode 110.  And then his father appears at the end of it.

14.  Kaido Kaoru from Prince of Tennis


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