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So, there's this new series on TNT that I just heard about called The Librarians, and I watched all of their episodes nearly on the strength of the title alone. I like the idea of librarians. The last librarian I knew personally was a sweet old lady. I loved Rachel Weisz's character in The Mummy, and Mrs. Lesser, the weekend librarian in Diane Duane's So You Want to Be a Wizard. Harold Finch, librarian de facto of Person of Interest, purveyor of rare books and guardian of less obscure ones fallen prey to US nationwide budget cuts, is brainy sexy in his tweed and vests. Anthony Head's Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is another example, though one I know less of since I wasn't really much for television growing up. There is something infinitely satisfying about being surrounded by so many books, having all that knowledge at your fingertips, and endless excellent company to boot. I think that if I could have supported a family which sometimes includes certain cousins, a mortgage, endless rounds of home repair and improvement, and a decided partiality to cab rides on a librarian's income, I would have considered becoming one. Order on the basis of the Dewey Decimal System is soothing, and the only system more wonderful to me is the periodic table of elements. Seriously, how could I resist?

On the TV show itself, I have fun with the idea of Noah Wyle as The Doctor, as I think the influences are rather obvious. Rebecca Romijn eerily looks like Angela Miller in the animated Resident Evil: Degeneration film, especially in the opening sequence of the premiere; she may be blonde but they decided to go against cliche by picking a romantic interest whose dress size isn't Hollywood-cliched. Christian Kane with short hair is hilariously cute, and his role is pretty much the same as in Leverage, except he is more likely to chime in with bits of art history knowledge than worryingly scary pieces of trivia like how the rotors of different attack helicopters sound like. (In fact, The Librarians is kind of like Doctor Who (John Larroquette's wardrobe and Noah Wyle's well, everything, for a start) meets Scooby Doo (there's a lot of running around as a group) meets Leverage (their Thief is also a Hacker and there are five in their group if you don't count Jenkins) meets Indiana Jones (all their adventures are pretty much related to mythological artefacts or legendary creatures and people).) I like the fact that Lindy booth plays a synesthete (yay for the differently-abled!) and that John Kim's "worst version of himself" character keeps them from being 2D-good. It's silly and fun, and would probably be cute to watch if you had children and have run out of kid-friendly episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I will probably be watching more of it in the future.


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