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I love the night.  I love the how the night is one big hush - the nearly-empty streets, the sleepy look of a town that has put its children to bed and is only known by a few old-timers, and the cloak of quiet whose presence cannot be forgotten even in the midst of boisterous moments.  The moon waxes, is full, and wanes.  If I could I would sit on the ground, hands cupping my chin, and I would stare until the lightening sky claims it from my view.  The night and the moon have more secrets than I can count and I am glad they are mine to mull over and to wonder at.

In the mornings, I work and I work, even when I am supposed to be on my way home.  As I walk in the daylight I feel the warmth and the heat and I smolder until I can almost not remember what it is like to be cold.  Every inch of me is in the light and the phrase "generative power of the sun" is no longer just a picturesque turn of phrase but an apt description from someone who understands how it is to stand beneath the sun and to feel yourself grow and think that in this light there is no sleeping and you are going upward and outward and even when you fall into your dreams the sun does not let go its hold and it owns your slumbering fantasies as well as each waking moment. 

I hate the light and the warmth, but I drink it in anyway. 

I am always going to be very much a daughter of the night.  But in the summer, the sun god is king.


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