Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:12 pm
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So, it is now 1:35 AM Central, and I am in Illinois, in a hotel room my company reserved for me.  I am typing away on a company-provided laptop, and a couple of doors away is another trainer who will be my neighbor for the next eight weeks.  I am freshly showered and slathered in lotion, and I am looking to two days of getting used to being here before I go to work Monday.  I had to go through the insanity that is airport security, and live through the longest January first of my life (that's because I lived it twice - in Manila and in Japan/Missouri/Illinois), but hey, I did find out that yeah, snow lives up to its reputation by being cold, I got to eat a mountain of shrimp, and discovered that here, their version of 7-up is called "Sierra Mist."

Is this the life, or what?

Sorry for the whining.  Birthing (or is it growing?) pains.  Now that I'm here, I see my company's done a pretty good job of taking care of things for us.  The people who received us here also live up to the company spirit that I've seen from our visitors back home, and it's overwhelming, not to mention very comforting now that the people closest to my heart are very far away.
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I was invited to go join [ profile] coffeebased  and her cousins at the SMX for the Shizen Orchestra con last Saturday.  Since we're nearing the end of the month, there are about twenty million things that need doing at the office.  On the one hand, you have work, my pride and the source of my livelihood, and on the other you have Hope and Lian and Ina ( including, I discovered later, the charming Nadine and their pretty and refined Tita Cathy;  I also got to see [ profile] limextreme  and JM, and I also met JM's Ron for the first time), plus a few LJ people.     Being the mistress of prioritizing that I am, I of course stayed at work for the usual twelve hours before taking myself off to the MoA area.  (The work didn't get finished - sometimes I think it never will - but I can kill myself getting it done later this week.)

On the cosplayers who were there:  Hard Gay had nice legs, and Hard Geisha was too disturbing for words.  We had some great characters show up, but not many that I recognized. Sailor V was there, and a guy who wore an Urahara hat. (where, o where shall I find a Kaidoh-bandanna? *insert wailing here*)  There was someone else wearing a Seigaku jacket, but like me, I don't think he'd meant to cosplay anybody. And no, Ina, Lian, and Nadine were not cosplaying for some obscure fandom.  Especially Nadine.  Should anyone inquire.

One reason I have found to appreciate the cons: DVDs.  Painless way to snag good copies of series you wanna watch.  I kinda suck at it now, since I do want to watch but dunno where to start, and I'm too busy to work the downloading into my schedule.  But I figure the Avatar, Bleach, and Gravitation should help - I haven't seen Gravitation in eons, it feels like.  I have the official Gravitation release which had subtitling made of equal parts Chinese and abomination.  Very pretty container, but only helpful should I finally learn me some decent Japanese.

As far as the merchandise went, it wasn't too bad.  Aside from the DVDs, there were neat things too.  Mostly to do with hats and hat accessories, and teeny-tiny things for the discerning fangirl.  I got a pair of bear earmuffs, and a pin which says "Anime: Drugs would be cheaper."  Incidentally, Hope got me a pin with the Hitsugaya's picture, the one on my icon, that says "Shotacon: The reason he's the most popular character in Bleach," which killed me to no end.  Next con I shall be getting myself a hat.  And definitely more DVDs, as soon as I figure out which ones I want to melt my brain over.

But what takes the cake was the maid and butler cafe.  And there hadn't even been any cake.  Nikki-chan was the awesomest maid (*pats Nikki-chan's head*) and Gyo-chan rocked!! ^____^  They were such fun, and the 45 minutes spent there were the absolute best.  I have absolutely no idea how maid/butler cafes are supposed to work, but the service there was excellent, and I would totally understand why they're such a big deal if what we saw was at least a fair imitation.  What I adored about the whole thing was how there was so much care and thought involved, and how beautifully it turned out because you know that these people you're talking to are fellow enthusiasts, amateurs in the original sense of the word.  By the way, did you know that the word amateur originally came from French and Latin words meaning lover and  to love, respectively?  Inui is leaving the building now, kthnxbye.

When the crowds became too much for us (and the trauma of repeatedly losing her cousins in the crowd became too much for Hope), we went out and sat down outside the doors.  I took this as a fortuitous time to write a letter to Hope's okaasa.  Unfortunately, I belatedly recognize that all the brow-furrowing and staring off into the distance that I did, thinking of things to tell her, made me look like some sad emo person.   ( I had approximately two hours left at this time before Des was scheduled to pick up the lot and shuttle them to a padasal, which is, for Foreigners, non-Catholics, and you Young'Uns, a period of nine days when the family of a recently deceased person come together every day to pray for the soul of their loved one.)  But I really hadn't seen Des in literally, forever, and I miss her like you wouldn't believe.  Which is why I looked like some depressed zombie when [ profile] moehoshi and her sis turned up for the con.  I'm SORRY, Moe-chan!  My brain was pretty much fried at the time, having been awake for eighteen hours on little food and lots of worry.  I hope that seeing DenKen made up for my spazzzzzzzz.  *hugs you*  I couldn't even introduce you to everyone because at that point I had trouble remembering my own name, never mind half of theirs.

When I was starting to think that a photo of my letter to Des should be pasted beside the word 'illegible' in the dictionary, we went looking for the Starbucks where Hope's mom would be picking us up.  At last, a blessed table and a frappe!  I went back to writing with gusto, and the kiddies were like, Hakkai, what're you doing? to which I replied that I was writing a letter to their aunt.  I got a second goggling-over, and I had to explain that I was friends with their auntie before I was friends with their cousin, to which they said, "But how old is Tita (Des)?" and "She's old, isn't she?"

Oh, child-RRAAAAN.  *sobs quietly in a corner* 

It will probably take a decade, on the inside, for them to realize that their aunt is a severely cool person to hang with.

Anyhoo, the day ended with me getting to see Des for like five minutes.  Am now officially back to missing her.  And [ profile] limextreme is made of equal parts of coolness and style, because he stayed with me until I found a cab to take me home (never mind that I'm older and putatively have my shite together).

On a side note:  My boss just sent me a message about courage.  It actually made me a bit... apprehensive about going to work.  Was it her way of telling me that there's something I need courage for when I go back to work tonight?  LOL.
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Last month, I was drowning in work, and still more than a bit unwell.  There really was no time to convalesce properly since there was more work than our entire department (all six of us ^___^) could shake a stick at.  Obviously, as my breaks consisted of drinking medicine and nose-blowing, I had even less time for the small pleasures of life, such as blogging, or chatting to friends. Or fanfic. *sniff* 

Then a couple of Saturdays ago I got an invite to an anime convention from [ profile] sixthwinemaiden , which I promptly accepted, my runny nose and rubbery limbs be damned.  We got to see[info]moehoshi and her lovely sister, plus [personal profile] hvid_noire, unseen also since the TriNoMa infestation.  In between the fangirling, PoT merchandise, and lousy meals -with slightly better cupcakes- served by bishounen and bishoujo in a maid and butler cafe (with a squee-worthy picture to commemorate it), I rekindled my love for Bleach and PoTand Junjou Romantica.  Needless to say, I was in heaven.  Donna was sort of turning into a dull girl, which is never a good idea.  Right now, I am in the process of hunting up my favorite fanfics and stuffing them into my phone (A 4 gigabyte memory card and I'm filling it up with books and fan fiction; my other cellphone is functioning as a shiny black music player.  Go figure.)  All the wonderful fanfic writers of the earth, I heart you!  The Fanfic Friendship Ring of Win, are you hearing this?  Thanks for helping me keep my (in)sanity.

One at a time, I tell myself.  Slow and steady and all that.  Anyone who wants to rec good PoT or Bleach fiction is welcome to comment.  My memory card is only three-tenths full, and I can delete The Silmarillion audiobook from it to bring that down to 3/20, because I am entirely the wrong person to be listening to audiobooks since I'd rather read.  I catalogue the fic using the title and the author's online handle, so I can always give credit where it's due.



You know who you are, those who are always in my thoughts.  I feel sad that it's just sooo hard to keep everything(/one) precious as close to me as I would like.  I hope you understand that work is currently bringing to bear some pressure on me equal to 3.14 million PSI, and that otherwise I would be in your proverbial pockets all the time.  I think that I am going to be at loose ends this weekend, which is something very new, almost alien to me.  I wish I could make clones of myself and send you all one to give you all the rabu-rabu that I haven't had the chance to give you in, like, forever.

I guess times like these you find out who your friends are, because they're the ones who'll forgive you for dropping off the radar, and fill you in on what you missed while you were gone.


But hey, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.  I absolutely love my job, and I don't mind the investment in time that I have to make to it (at least, no more than occasionally).  I think it's definitely the right place for me.  It just means that I have to make a conscious effort to stay in touch and let people know how important they are to me.


Sometimes the kira-kira rabu-rabu stuff just doesn't work out, itoshii.  But you'll always have your friends.


To [ profile] chilibreath :

You honestly would've rocked New Zealand, but we would have missed you too much.  Not to mention the 'rents.  Oh, parental units, how deftly you get in the way of our lives!  But we have to forgive you anyway, since you love us so much.

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I'm not really hungover.  More like tired.  Tired of not getting enough sleep because the curtains in my room are made of spiderwebs and politician's promises.  I'm turning into a politician myself because I'm doing things over which a million things are more preferable.  Like seeing friends and love-in-megane.  Or ficcating/fangirling.

But it pays the bills.  And the effort expended is part of the plan and the vision. So I say slog on.

Anybody got a wish list?  As they say, somebody's trash may be someone else's gem.
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That's me in Seigaku Blue 

Yep, boys and girls. As promised, this is me in Seigaku blue.  I had to host a Halloween party and since everybody had to be in costume,  I wore one too.  Dang hot, I tell you.  It was outdoors, and October weather is NOT cool, whatever it is they say.  I mentioned my interest at work yesterday and Susan, one of our managers suggested that if I wore this outfit to work one Friday, the company would donate money to my favorite charity.

So insane.


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