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Hajimemashite, minna-san! Welcome to my LiveJournal. I put up this LJ in response to popular demand (only the demand is popular, not yours truly ;-) ... ) for me to do so. It's a sad fact of life that to keep ties with many of my friends, I must keep an online presence. I lived under a rock, so to speak, four years ago, and I'm really coming back into the world in a big way (as big as I can contrive, anyhow). Being cut off from some of the best people I know is, however, an unfortunate, and unforeseen-in-its-entire-magnitude side effect.

But here it is, anyway, and I'm supposed to tell you something to seal the deal. I'm old enough to know what I'm doing, although it doesn't mean I do. I am having the grandest time trying to figure it out, so I'm not complaining. I used to be an Eigo no sensei, an English teacher. After that I was a tech support person-in-training, and I did the support for a good long while. When I wanted something new I went back to teaching, but as a communication coach (the official term is Communication QA Analyst, but how that makes sense don't ask me). A word to the (purportedly) wise: some facets of my life are just about as exciting as day-old bread, so I'll skip over them. The others you're welcome to comment and pick on, reply to, snicker over, and all that jazz.
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