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Freshly created blog, courtesy of our friend with the Cyrillic alphabet. Currently, my comments are still in the import queue, and have been for half a day.

In other news, I have fallen down the podcast rabbit hole. Not really my first foray, but certainly the most immersive to date. Last month I would have been able to say that I've only listened to Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Is Not Dead, but EGT (also known as earlgreytea68, queen of amazing fiction, long may she reign, started talking about something called The Penumbra Podcast. I've been mainlining the episodes for the last two weeks or so, and thus the dominoes fall. As of writing, I have listed to all of The Bright Sessions and dipped my toes into Ars Paradoxica (engaging, but a little too slow-paced for my taste, and neither the protagonist or the storyline are enough to make up for it), Wolf 359 (80% sure I will not revisit), Myths and Legends (interesting, but not quite interesting enough for my flighty brain), and Rabbits (scary, fun, 10/10 will continue listening). 

Rabbits brings me to my current fixation, which is ARGs. I haven't actually done anything aside from researching what happens in an ARG and how to go about joining one, but it's occupying most of my attention right now that isn't focused on breakfast. Wish me luck!
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So, there's this new series on TNT that I just heard about called The Librarians, and I watched all of their episodes nearly on the strength of the title alone. I like the idea of librarians. The last librarian I knew personally was a sweet old lady. I loved Rachel Weisz's character in The Mummy, and Mrs. Lesser, the weekend librarian in Diane Duane's So You Want to Be a Wizard. Harold Finch, librarian de facto of Person of Interest, purveyor of rare books and guardian of less obscure ones fallen prey to US nationwide budget cuts, is brainy sexy in his tweed and vests. Anthony Head's Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is another example, though one I know less of since I wasn't really much for television growing up. There is something infinitely satisfying about being surrounded by so many books, having all that knowledge at your fingertips, and endless excellent company to boot. I think that if I could have supported a family which sometimes includes certain cousins, a mortgage, endless rounds of home repair and improvement, and a decided partiality to cab rides on a librarian's income, I would have considered becoming one. Order on the basis of the Dewey Decimal System is soothing, and the only system more wonderful to me is the periodic table of elements. Seriously, how could I resist?

On the TV show itself, I have fun with the idea of Noah Wyle as The Doctor, as I think the influences are rather obvious. Rebecca Romijn eerily looks like Angela Miller in the animated Resident Evil: Degeneration film, especially in the opening sequence of the premiere; she may be blonde but they decided to go against cliche by picking a romantic interest whose dress size isn't Hollywood-cliched. Christian Kane with short hair is hilariously cute, and his role is pretty much the same as in Leverage, except he is more likely to chime in with bits of art history knowledge than worryingly scary pieces of trivia like how the rotors of different attack helicopters sound like. (In fact, The Librarians is kind of like Doctor Who (John Larroquette's wardrobe and Noah Wyle's well, everything, for a start) meets Scooby Doo (there's a lot of running around as a group) meets Leverage (their Thief is also a Hacker and there are five in their group if you don't count Jenkins) meets Indiana Jones (all their adventures are pretty much related to mythological artefacts or legendary creatures and people).) I like the fact that Lindy booth plays a synesthete (yay for the differently-abled!) and that John Kim's "worst version of himself" character keeps them from being 2D-good. It's silly and fun, and would probably be cute to watch if you had children and have run out of kid-friendly episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I will probably be watching more of it in the future.

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I blog to keep memories, and sometimes, to stay in touch. (I just don't feel like keeping in touch with many folks, is all). I like taking my time, and saying what needs saying. I like being able to take as many words as I need to take to say something, because taking the time means I am saying something that's important to me.

Which brings us to the fact that Twitter and Facebook are ruining conventional blogging forever.

Most people don't blog anymore. I look at the profiles of my f-list and I see that most of them haven't blogged this year, though it's more than half-over. Or is it just really that people have moved on to other, currently cooler, blogging sites? I liked the feeling that I was part of a community that had this revolving door, no pressures on membership, make your presence felt - or not, where you could just drop in anytime and see how everyone else was doing. Now I look at my Twitter feed and at any given time I can have as many as 300 tweets from the less-than-twenty-five people I follow, and don't even get me started on Facebook. Instead of making me feel more connected, though, it makes me want to scream for all the disjointedness and lack of context. I would rather know that you have the dimsum every Friday evening because it reminds you of that time back in college when you couldn't afford anything better but the food was ambrosial because the company was the best you can ever remember having, than see a menu of all the things you had for lunch today, and all the other days this month or on a random day last year. I hate it that I now see more pictures of people than during the advent of camera phones and that I know more about the little details of so many people's lives, and understand even less than I used to about what makes them happy, what drives them over the edge, what they would fight tooth and nail for, what makes them tick. Who are you, you awfully familiar strangers?

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I currently have this problem with not being asked.  Is it because people think I'm automatically going to say no?  But how could they know if they haven't asked me yet?  Have I really said "no" that often that people have just stopped bothering? 

No RSVPs required at this pity party.

Maybe I should just start asking.


In other news, my NaNoWriMo plot is something that came to me out of a dream.  On the morning of November 1.

Oh, how can I be early when even my subconscious is such a just-in-time thing?
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Getting my feet wet and muddy is one of the things that rank lowest on my list of favorites.  Divisoria- I don't know what possessed me to turn up there in flip-flops.  On the other hand, I did get  a few nice things there, aside from getting to hang out with family.

I was supposed to spend time with my friends last weekend, but they all cancelled due to commitments which were postponed because of the previous week's icky, stormy weather.  Luckily for me, I had Leverage season three to keep me company.  I am now officially a little bit in love with Christian Kane's weather-beaten good looks, and "Age of the geek, baby" forever!

Two more weeks of class, and then onwards and upwards!
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Um, so I finished the main body of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and I'm trying to tell myself to quit reading for at least a bit. 

It's not working.  At all.

I just read The Maze Runner, which I hear is the first in a trilogy, this morning.  

And guess what?  I'm now at Death: The High Cost of Living.

I wonder if Sandman counts as one book?
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In my heart I am neighbors with Wanda, Hazel and Foxglove, who have conversations about Sherlock's bloodhounds and the basics of milking a soybean.

Yesterday I did not only get a portion of the promised sinigang, but also to meet a couple of love in megane's cousins who were vacationing from New York.  When we went out, I inadvertently ordered him to look for the divine crepe store I like in the wrong mall.  Of course, he being the sweet guy he is, said nothing and I only realized that we had those crepes in TriNoMa - and not in MoA (Mall of Asia) where we were - after I was digging into the mango-blueberry-ice cream filling of the crepe he .  You just gotta love the guy.

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Pithy as possible because I need my z's.

So, Sunday.  Ran-walked (well, mostly walked) 3 kilometers with my work buddies at the Fort.  Walked quite a bit going home, and this is what I have to say for the experience: with your headphones on, it is quite possible to feel that the world belongs to you, or that it has shrunk to just yourself and the bit of road your feet are planted on.  Took a snapshot of an extraordinary piece of graffiti in an old lot that probably used to house a storefront.

Got home and love in megane appeared to smooth my ruffled feathers and take away some of my cranky.  Did a very good job of it.

Still want to play some more Hunger Games: Training Days.
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Have you ever spent five minutes alone time with a cat in the silence of the early morning?

Best thing that's ever happened to sharing your solitude.
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Heh.  So here it goes:  What kinds of things do I not like in my fiction?
  1. Oodles of schmoopy, perfect, straight love.  If I wanted in on a het love story I will send my significant other a text message and we will try to out-cheese each other.
  2. "Soulmate" love.  "Foe Yay" seems to so much better in that the angst is more believable and there is actual logic in both pining for the other!  Okay, enough abuse of italics.  Just because most every printed and celluloid romance out there is beating the same dead horse and for the love of Mike have you guys even met each other or are you both just incredibly gone on someone else with the same name but hates you, doesn't mean I can't exercise a little self-restraint.
  3. Killing the Cutie.  I mean, I love the underdog as much as the next girl, but there's a fine line between tragic embattled hero and punching bag.

Now, for the winning ingredients:
  1. Snappy dialogue.  It's kind of sad how very little snappy dialogue there is in my life right now.  Or maybe I was just spoiled in my youth.  Where are the pithy comments, the deadpan comebacks, the conversations that sound like all participants are stoned or seeing in chartreuse?
  2. Friend face time.  No matter how much there is of it, there should always be more.  Because if life can't stop sucking the least it can do is to make sure one doesn't suffer alone and that everyone gets an equal opportunity to laugh at someone else biting the dust for a change.  And it's less humiliating when you have someone to make your excuses to.
  3. Fantasy.  def. noun: Things that don't just happen in "real life."   ° Things that apparently happen to other people but not to me, because life occasionally forgets to win.   °  Things that are only fun to explore vicariously because otherwise it would be too messy, too smelly, too far away, too difficult, too expensive, too impossible, too embarrassing or just plain too much hard work.   ° Things that are entertaining provided that they are happening to other people. (But not too much, because I still believe what comes up must come down sometime.)

  So in conclusion I say that what is appealing to me in my fiction is that it be fictional.  If such fiction aspires to imitate life then it should actually contain details that make sense in the real world and not just half-baked handwaved explanations unless such handwaving is spectacularly preferable over the genuine article.  The escapists of this world are therefore encouraged to rock on.

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Should there be an entity that regulates how much fan fiction we read in a day?  And if there were, how and where should they draw the lines?  Word count (would they consider or subtract the names of special moves, fabled weapons or artifacts, song lyrics, spells, or words in foreign languages)? Fandom (what would be the rule on crossovers, and what about fandoms with two hundred fan fiction stories as opposed to those with 18,826, which is the current number of stories archived for Prince of Tennis on ff.net)? Genre (and if so, don't you think that the entity should also police the newspapers since, in spite of the supposed factual nature of newspaper accounts, there TOTALLY is fan fiction there? Adult content rating (which classification system would we follow - book, video game, film)?  Or would there be instead a nice, round number, such as, say, PI?

Um, so, yeah.  Pardon me, I've been reading too much RPS again.

In other news, I was going to spend today, my last day of freedom before the first working week of the new year, in the company of love in megane.  Only he's so busy with family stuff that I'll only see him in the afternoon.  If I'm lucky.  I'm not jealous of my significant other's family. 

Well, not much.  Maybe eighty percent.

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Haha.  I really have to start updating, yes?

It looks like my family is getting traditional in its old age.  We are now into the whole preparing for Noche Buena (the big celebratory New Year's Eve meal) thing.  No fireworks, but oodles of food and counting down the seconds to 2011.  It makes me wanna retch, but hey, family time, yeah?

[livejournal.com profile] top_cagnotte has Inui, Kaidoh, and AtoKaba.  What more can I ask for?
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Dear Konomi-sensei,

You are undoubtedly the best mangaka ever, bar none.  If you say one thing, then it must be true.  But I see what you did there with Inui and Yanagi, and also with Kaidoh and Momoshiro, so even if I do not question your infinite wisdom (and crack), I must ask you: Please do not be breaking apart my OTPs.

Your fan,
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I did, as a result of which Love-in-Megane and I are now back together.  It was as much giving myself, as him, a second chance.  There's no final answer as to whether or not it was a good idea, at least not yet, but it was a good step to take. 
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I thought I'd rouse myself from my current zombie no-post state to say "Happy Birthday!" to the best sixthwinemasa ever - she of the newly-acquired nursing degree, the killer review sessions, the (not-so) secret longing for the green digital camera of espionage data collection, and Kaidoh-in-hospital-with-oranges.  Did I mention that she is the pride and joy of her Oishi-mama?

I think it's time to dust out your rainchecks for the BIG!Cookie and creamy cups of FIC.  Inui-senpai figures you're about 97% overdue for your recommended dietary allowance of fun.

Many happy returns, Mana-chan!  May this year be the best one ever until the next one rolls around.  You are much-loved and terribly-missed. 
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Yeah, back home, where my heart is.  Been back for a few weeks, and sometimes it feels like I never left.  The biggest difference is that I'm now in a classroom all the time and I know that isn't going to change for a good long while. 

I've been working really hard and it's great, but times come when I do wish work didn't have to be everything. 

Thank goodness for crack and for InuKai.  I actually feel that I want to re-watch all PoT episodes and even try my hand at watching the Chinese take on Tenipuri, how ambitious is that?  I dunno where to start, tho. *smacks head*  What would Inui think of my pitiful data skills?

Oh, and yes, Lyra Belacqua.


Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:12 pm
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So, it is now 1:35 AM Central, and I am in Illinois, in a hotel room my company reserved for me.  I am typing away on a company-provided laptop, and a couple of doors away is another trainer who will be my neighbor for the next eight weeks.  I am freshly showered and slathered in lotion, and I am looking to two days of getting used to being here before I go to work Monday.  I had to go through the insanity that is airport security, and live through the longest January first of my life (that's because I lived it twice - in Manila and in Japan/Missouri/Illinois), but hey, I did find out that yeah, snow lives up to its reputation by being cold, I got to eat a mountain of shrimp, and discovered that here, their version of 7-up is called "Sierra Mist."

Is this the life, or what?

Sorry for the whining.  Birthing (or is it growing?) pains.  Now that I'm here, I see my company's done a pretty good job of taking care of things for us.  The people who received us here also live up to the company spirit that I've seen from our visitors back home, and it's overwhelming, not to mention very comforting now that the people closest to my heart are very far away.
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My family has cracked up, big time.

For those who had better things to do for the longest time (and I don't blame you), we have three dogs.  Yeah, I dunno why, they don't breed, but they multiply somehow.  We started with Cody, who's half-mutt and half-something that looks like a breed I feel I should recognize, Smokey, a pure honest-to-goodness mutt who's only rational claim to the name is his chocolate color, and the latest is a pup named Midnight who has basically chewed up like half of my collection of house slippers.  That, my dear friends, is a big crime in my book, because I live in a household where a number of people (resident mom and visitor cousins) have the same shoe size.  Due to some unwritten rule that I've never been informed of, they somehow feel it is perfectly within their rights to filch my slippers at the drop of a hat.  Which kind of sucks.  Which kind of sucks terribly.

But I digress.

Anyhoo, Midnight was from my mother's friend, and the name was a hand-me-down.  The friend's daughter named it, and its name ranks among the most ridiculous misnomers in my history because the pup's mostly white, although some people might stretch it because he has black spots over his eyes.  Whatever.

So, from having no pets less than three years ago, we are now a certified dog household.  I'm not sure anyone else read the announcement, though, because yesterday this kitten walked down (fell? parachuted? flew?)  into the weird gutter-slash-crack between our house and the dividing wall of the next property.  It spent about half the day yowling (because dude, whatever sound it made, it was NOT a meow; meows are the height of sophisticated animal sound and does not make one feel like one is chewing tin foil) at us.  No one in my household speaks proper kitten (I'm reasonably sure), but we all spent some time convincing it to go away, citing reasons ranging from "your mommy will miss you" to "beat it, this is a canine-infested dwelling, don't you smell the dog breath," but apparently, we fail at persuasion.   Or maybe it really couldn't get out.  Maybe it has sikrit evil plans of infiltrating our domain and establishing itself ruler over the dogs.  Maybe it's the spirit of my grandmother, who was always imperious about getting her own way, the word 'no' only being in her vocabulary whenever it suited her.

To cut my ramblings short, the adults (I don't  consider myself an adult in our house, because hey, the verisimilitude of youth cuts you a lot of slack, you know?) finally gave in and rescued it from the crack, fed it, and adopted it.  I assume that's what they did because really, you don't feed an animal, plan to give it a bath and a de-lousing if you're not thinking of keeping it.  Most especially, you do not name it Sunrise. 

Well, most normal people wouldn't name anything, let alone a kitten, Sunrise, if the damn thing were black all over except for its nose, right? 

I don't know if this is a good idea, people.  I'm torn between wanting to protect it from the (maybe well-intentioned) pawing of the dogs which are all, to an animal, at least ten times bigger than it is, or taking out my phone to record the fireworks.

Welcome to Animal Planet.
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Please join me all in wishing Mana-chan - blogger, PoT shipper, nurse-in-training, fic writer, wisher on dandelion fluff, and lover of all things Masa - a happy, happy birthday.
I am blogging from my phone, so my apologies if I cannot provide any shiny to go with the birthday greeting. I'm glad this day has come, and I wish that each of your birthdays will be more awesome and brilliant with kira-kira than the last. *tosses confetti*
Omedetto gozaimasu!
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I went on Wikipedia today and I found out that Peter Jackson is thinking of making a film adaptation of Temeraire.

*hugs self*

Oh, life, why so sparkly?

The only other thing that would make life sparkle more is if I got my hands on the pret-teh, embossed, original versions of the books.


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