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Please please may I has some InuKai in Kaidoh's POV for Christmas?

I know it's hard, because Momoshiro talks enough for three people, and that's why Kaidoh and Echizen are eternally in a contest to see who can speak less, and Konomi-sensei set down the rule somewhere that Kaidoh has to use at least fifty "fshuuu"s a day in lieu of normal people conversation, but. PLEASE. Inui is also partly responsible for Kaidoh being quiet because. He STEALS all the lines! *whaps Inui a sharp one in the back of the head then rubs it away absently* I can do data-talk backwards in my sleep because Inui RA~AMBLES and I have umpteen billion samples of it. Look, I can even make up some on my own (with a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] sixthwinemaiden):

According to my calculations, Kaidoh is feeling cooped up and bored with his surroundings. The decor in his room leaves much to be desired. His recovery is coming along at a good rate; however this can be compromised by any depression resulting from his lackluster environment. From my readings it seems that color therapy would be the best thing to complement whatever treatments are being prescribed by his doctor. Factoring in dietary considerations, it is best if I bring Kaidoh some oranges, as the color will no doubt brighten up his room and augment whatever nutrients he is receiving from hospital food. The taste will also be a welcome change, from what I remember of the fare served to patients.

Also, because I understand that Kaidoh needs more press, I has even claimed him at [livejournal.com profile] claim_a_waifu to let the whole world know that he is loved!

I have been very, very good this year. You can tell because annoying stalker cable guy is still (presumably) alive and still has a job (presumably, always assuming his stalkerish ways and unforgivable sloppiness at work haven't gotten him fired yet). If his head is no longer attached to the rest of him, it has nothing to do with me or anything I (consciously) did, I swear!

So please, please, can you make it InuKai written in Kaidoh's POV? And some world peace. Thank you so much and bye.


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